Our Services

In-Home ABA Services

Impacting Autism, LLC provides children and their families with individualized in-home ABA programming. We believe that every child is different and that there is not a one size fits all model within ABA Therapy.

Prior to initiating services your BCBA meets with your family, your child, and conducts assessments that includes observation, parent/caregiver/family interviews and direct assessment with your child.

Following initial assessment, our parent education portion of services is initiated with your supervising BCBA.

Direct ABA therapy services are then initiated following the parent education portion of our services. Your child’s therapy team consists of your supervising BCBA and RBT’s who implement 1:1 direct therapy within your home.

Programming development follows the natural progression of your child’s development and individual specific needs. Team meetings are held according to your child’s needs in order to monitor your child’s progress, discuss any parent/family/therapy team concerns, and most of all discuss the great strides your child is making and what steps we should take next.

Our program does require parent involvement within our treatment model. Parents will meet with BCBA regularly to discuss their child’s progress, parent goals and parent implementation of individualized parent goals for their child.

IEP Consultation Services

Impacting Autism, LLC also provides Educational Advocacy and IEP Consultation and Advocacy Services for all children.

If you have concerns regarding your child’s educational goals, education placement, progress on IEP goals or are seeking outside support to navigate your child’s IEP process; we are there to assist you.

A collaborative approach is utilized to assist families to bridge the gap between home and school to achieve the most appropriate education for your child. Our services provide parent education regarding parents’ rights, the IEP process and how to become an effective and active member of your child’s IEP team. IEP advocacy and consultation services differ for every family’s unique situation and needs. These services are provided outside of our in-home ABA therapy services.